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The Pinchot Trail System is a 24 mile backpacking loop located in the Thornhurst Tract of the Pinchot State Forest, It can be hiked in it's 24 mile entirety or broken into the 10 mile North Loop or 14 mile South Loop. Other trails, forest roads and multi-use roads create an intricate system of trails and connectors which allow many variations for trips.

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The Chuck Keiper Trail (CKT) is a 49.3 mile backpacking loop located in Pennsylvania's Sproul State Forest. It can be broken into 2 loops, East and West, by using the Cross-Connector Trail. This trail runs from the main parking lot on PA Route 144 southeast past the Little Beaver Swamp until it connects with the CKT at the southern edge of the State Forest. This makes the East Loop 22.4 miles long and the West Loop 32.9 miles.

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