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If you are a hammock camper and like to make your own gear, check out my video below. I made a top quilt a few months ago and had messed up on the length. So this time I decided to document my process. Let me know what you think.  

In 2015 I started doing a lot of 3 day adventures. I did 1000 miles in April as a road trip to Virginia, Assateague Island in Marland and Delaware, I did 3 separate 3 day trips to various Pennsylvania State Parks throughout the summer and then in October I did 9 days planned as 3 […]

There is a video of this adventure at the bottom of this page. Should you be looking for an adventure in the north east, well anywhere really, might I suggest — ziplining!!! Now, anyone who knows me is probably aware that I have battled a fear of heights my entire life. As a child, if […]

In just a couple weeks I’ll be heading back to New York State, this time to the Adirondack Mountains! I’ve spent quite a bit of time the past couple years exploring the Catskills and Hudson Valley, but this will be my first trip to Adirondack Park. Currently, the only set plans I have is where […]

Look closely at the following photo. At first glance it looks like nothing more than a bee on a flower. That’s what I thought when I snapped the shot. But, after getting home and looking at it on a larger screen I noticed something… That bee is in some big trouble!!! This appears to be […]

So, last time I covered how I’m starting to make my own dehydrated meals for the trail (Eating Well on the Trail). For my tests I was using a recycled Mountain House bag, which works well but seems to hold a little odor from whatever you cook in it. Plus, I imagine at some point […]

For years I have relied on store bought dehydrated meals while hiking and camping. In most instances you can find brands like Mountain House and Backpacker’s Pantry with many options from breakfast to dessert. On the rare occasion, I’ll pack along a MRE when I can get my hands on them. Recently though, I’ve been […]

It’s hard to believe it’s only April and I’m in north east Pennsylvania. I guess it can all be blamed on El Niño, with the warm weather and relatively easy winter. Whatever the case, I’ve been taking advantage of it hiking, camping and kayaking. This past weekend I decided to head to one of my […]

What is 730? Well, 7:30am is a great time to start hiking or kayaking in the summer. 7:30pm is too late for a big dinner, but the 730 I’m writing of is about days. 730 days since my last post here… that’s a long time between posts. It’s not that I forgot or was being […]