If you never change, you will never grow… or something like that. I’ve heard variations of that saying my entire life, so I’ve never been afraid to change.

I started this blog back in April of 2012 thinking it would just be some odd photos I’d shoot every now and then. I thought I’d be clever and call it “My Crooked Line of Sight” and it would be a place to post random pictures I took of the world around me. Then I wanted to lean more towards outdoors, hiking, DIY gear and camping, so I changed it to “My Crooked Line of SITE as in camp-site.

I set up a YouTube channel and figured I’d put the reviews and DIY stuff there and keep my hiking and outdoor adventure videos on my personal channel. At the time they were nothing more than video slideshows, more for my entertainment and documentation of the places I had been than anything else. But, as time went on… things changed – I got more interested in the video process of the outdoors stuff and how I could document what I did and where I went through video without missing out on what I was doing.

I’ve recently decided to roll it all together, and since my personal channel receives more of my attention I decided to pull the zitzelman.com domain out of the cyber moth balls and place it all here. I’m sure more changes will come, I approach new videos with the idea – How can I build on what I’ve already done? If you’ve made it to this page, and read this far… thank you for joining me while I try to grow a little every day!