Saw Creek Solo Overnight - Thunder Swamp Trail, Delaware State Forest

Saw Creek Solo Overnight - Thunder Swamp Trail, Delaware State Forest

This trip was done on February 13th & 14th, 2018. 

Looking for another night out solo in the woods, I headed to the Delaware State Forest for a short hike from the parking lot near Lake Minisink on Bushkill Falls Rd. along the Thunder Swamp Trail towards Saw Creek and the trails namesake, Thunder Swamp.

The Basics:

    • Notes:
      • I parked at the Delaware State Forest Lot off of Bushkill Rd. and followed south along the Thunder Swamp Trail, the trail parallels an access road for the first 0.25 miles before splitting off to the left past the second gate. About 900 feet down the trail you reach the intersection with the main loop of the Thunder Swamp Trail where there is an old DCNR post tied to a tree, Straight takes you south along towards Red Rock Run, I headed left towards Saw Creek and Thunder Swamp.

The Trip

Even though I had hiked this section before, I walked right past my turn off adding a little distance to my short hike. The missed turn did allow me a chance encounter with a bewildered Porcupine in a tree, who seemed just as surprised to see me off trail as I was to see him.

 I spent the bulk of my time at camp, doing wood prep and exploring the area around the old campsite I was using. I was testing a new hammock and tarp combo, believing the weather that had stated no precipitation for the next few days. Overnight, however, a freak icestorm hit. Although, I was warm, dry and snug in my hammock... the ride home was peppered with cars and trucks that had been caught off guard by the storm and had slid off the road.

The Verdict

 A great, peaceful night out in the woods. Although the Thunder Swamp Trail doesn't get the love it deserves as far as trail maintenance goes. It was still a very enjoyable trip. 

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