OK... Now What?

OK... Now What?

I've been back from my trip to Arizona for a little over a month, and I feel like a complete slug. After 4 weeks of sensory overload at the Grand Canyon and hoofing it over 200 miles while I was there, it feels like I've been sitting still since I've been back. I keep thinking... now what?

It's not that I haven't been busy, Hemlock Mountain Outdoors has been busier than ever and I'm loving it. I try and get out even if it's just for a walk down to the local park every day. I haven't recorded a hike since I left Arizona, I'm still posting videos from there. 

Speaking of videos, my Kurt Zitzelman Outdoors YouTube channel got named on Feedspot's list of 70 Outdoor YouTube Channels to Follow in 2021, there's quite a few familiar faces on that list too. You can check that list out here https://blog.feedspot.com/outdoor_youtube_channels/ and see who else you recognize on that list.

Now, as we move in to Pennsylvania's "mud season" I'm going to have to get on the trail, even if it's just out to Pinchot State Forest or I might just go out of my mind!

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