Allegheny Reservoir Kayak/Camp

I had the opportunity to pass through the Allegheny National Forest about three years ago while on a road trip to north west Pennsylvania. All I had the chance to do was look though, as I was driving home and needed to make time. I wanted to head back and check out the Allegheny Reservoir and found that not only can you kayak here, but you can camp. (more below video)

I decided to take a few days off of work and make the 4 hour drive, I launched from the Elijah Run Boat Ramp and due to weather concerns I made the Morrison Campground my first stop. At just under a mile from the ramp it allowed me to have a relatively quick escape should the weather turn (and it did).

Although, surrounded  by a national forest, it didn’t feel as remote to me as say Lower Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. Maybe because there were more people at this campground, and the campsites were closer. Speaking of which, I have seen many videos of people going to Allegheny Reservoir and setting up in primitive campsites anywhere along the water. As it turns out, this is a good way of getting yourself kicked out and fined by the Forest Service. It always pays to do your own research. While I was out on a night paddle I did see a Forest Service boat out spotlighting around non official spots, glad I went with the official campground,

3 Days: In the ADK’s

In 2015 I started doing a lot of 3 day adventures. I did 1000 miles in April as a road trip to Virginia, Assateague Island in Marland and Delaware, I did 3 separate 3 day trips to various Pennsylvania State Parks throughout the summer and then in October I did 9 days planned as 3 segments – 3 days to Acadia National Park,  3 days in Acadia National Park and 3 days from Acadia National Park as a New England road trip.

So far in 2016 I hadn’t done or planned any 3 day trips. The fact that the weather turned this most recent trip into 3 days was a happy accident. Right now you may be wondering why 3 days? Well, it’s just long enough to have time to do a lot and still short enough to cause some urgency… Continue reading

Back Yard Time Lapse

Since I got my Canon T3i I haven’t really been using my camera phone. While sitting out in the back yard the other day I was watching the clouds go by on the horizon and thought… that might look cool in time lapse. So, I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, fired up the LapseIt Pro app and did a little time lapse photography… enjoy.

Melting Ice

Finally got my tripod mount for my cell phone today so I could try some more time lapse photography! I bought a spring loaded mount called a PhoneBoat, it cost $20 and is designed for cell phones, iPods or small cameras that don’t have a built in tripod mount.

I’ve been keeping this medium sized plastic bowl in my freezer with, what started as water but obviously turned into a nice chunk of ice just so I could catch a time lapse of it melting… why? Why not?

Watching a Vine

One of my early time lapse experiments, originally the video was over 5 minutes in length (here’s the original uncompressed version)… but to make it easier to watch I compressed the video to 8x the speed or the original video. This is a good example of how far technology has come for time lapse photography. Now, all I need is my smartphone and an app, for this vine experiment I had to set up my laptop with an external webcam pointed out the window. Luckily I had a program to stitch the frames together.

At the time this was done in September 2010, I had to actually manipulate the coding of the program I used to allow a long enough delay (gotta love Linux). I left my laptop and webcam strewn across my kitchen, and had a LED drop-light set up for the night shots. I left it running for 36 hours, taking a total of 1400 photos.

The Beauty of Technology

Time lapse photography has long since been a favorite of mine. I’ve attempted several projects, such as, watching a vine grow outside my kitchen window for 2 days and watching myself set up an inflatable pool. Both of these attempts, while successful were very complicated. I have a program on my computer (I run Ubuntu Linux)  called Cheese that can do time lapse, but the computer needs to be carted around and the video is only as good as the web cam. Also, my old Kodak P850 could do time lapse, but it left the task of stitching the photos together up to me.

This past weekend, I found an app called Lapse It for Android that turns your Android device into a little, portable time lapse studio. I went ahead and spent the $1.99 for the Pro version, which unlocks the full potential of your cameras resolution. Next I need a tripod mount for my phone, so I don’t need to use the homemade cardboard & electrical tape stand that I uses for this. This time lapse was captured with my LG Esteem, which has a 5MP camera.