Supermoon 6.23.13

Taken with Canon T31 and Rokinon 500mm Mirror lens using 2x doubler (1000mm total)

Taken with Canon T31 and Rokinon 500mm Mirror lens using 2x doubler (1000mm total)

Well, even though I had an extra day off this week, it was still a long work week and I didn’t get much time for taking pictures. I did, however, get out for the Supermoon earlier this week. I took this with my Canon T3i using my Rokinon 500mm lens with the 2x doubler attachment boosting it up to 1000mm. It was a little hazy here that night so this isn’t as clear as I would have liked.

I also tried something a little different by using a technique called “stacking”. Stacking, if you are unfamiliar, requires taking many photos of the subject and then, through several different programs stacking the photos to increase sharpness and detail. I followed the procedure I found at this blog

Moon at 1000mm

1000mm Moon


For the first time since I got my Rokinon 50mm Mirror Lens the Moon is visible tonight (the weather here in Pa has been pretty crappy). So, I decided to grab my camera, the 500mm and the 2x doubler and grab some shots of our closest neighbor. I can’t wait for the Super Moon coming up on June 23!

Supermoon 5-5-12

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Tonight the moon is at its closet point to earth in its orbit, a Supermoon. Appearing 14% bigger than an average full moon, they always appear biggest near the horizon. So, I packed up some gear and hit the beach to watch it rise, and to capture some time lapse footage as well. I figured I might as well get something posted for now, if the time lapse turns out good enough… I’ll share it.