Waiting for the Storm

It’s summertime in Florida and Hurricane Season is just starting to ramp up! We’ve already had one Tropical Storm come through a few weeks ago, but there are currently several weather systems brewing out in the Atlantic Ocean. This picture, from last night (Aug. 9, 2012) shows what they call a Tropical Wave, I’ve never heard the term before now. It is capable of kicking up large, lightening and wind packed storms in a hurry.

Photo taken with my LG Esteem Android phone.


It’s Hard to Capture Lightning (Usually)

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I dug through my archive of photos to find this one. The shot was taken on September 15, 2008 from the balcony of my old apartment in Deland, Fl. It was a pretty intense storm, out of 173 photos taken – 14 had some extent of bolt lightning and another 20 had captured either just the flash of lightning in the distance or were so bright that bolt lightning couldn’t be distinguished. That’s a pretty high success rate for photographing manually. Camera used: Kodak P850