Never Thought I’d See This


Yeah, you do see a cow taking shelter inside a burned out VW Bug. This photo was taken on one of my trips to Ireland back when I was a kid. I don’t remember exactly where we were, but I’ll never forget it. I took the picture with an old 110 film camera, edits were done with Streamzoo.

I really hope this post turns out ok…. this is the first time posting with the WordPress Android app from my little tablet.

The Things You Don’t Remember

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I spent some time today digitizing old photos I still had in actual photo albums. They sat in storage for a long time, the edges have chew marks from some critter or another. I came across many photos from time I spent in Ireland with my family back in the mid 80’s… I’m so glad I don’t use a 110 camera anymore! I found so many pictures that could have been great, if only the straight through viewfinder actually was looking where the camera lens was! I wish I remembered places like this, but unfortunately much of those trips are a blur… I guess that’s why we take photos.