How to: Make a Heat Reflective Pouch

So, last time I covered how I’m starting to make my own dehydrated meals for the trail (Eating Well on the Trail). For my tests I was using a recycled Mountain House bag, which works well but seems to hold a little odor from whatever you cook in it. Plus, I imagine at some point it’s going to start leaking, or the zipper seal will give out all together. Since my next phase of this project is vacuum sealing individual portions, and multi-day trips would include several meals, just carrying 1 zipper pouch would start to get messy and carrying one for every meal would be a little impractical.

My solution… a reusable heating pouch. I’m sure I’m not the first person to do this, so I won’t try to take credit for it… but, I will show you how I made mine in case you want to make one of your own. So, check out the video for the step by step and I’ll list the materials you need below it. Have your own design? Share it the comments or at

What You Need

Reflective material – I used Reflectix insulation. It’s two sheets of foil sandwiching some bubble wrap. I got a 24″x 30′ roll for about $16 at the local Lowes.

Tape – Duct tape will work, I used foil tape.

Scissors –  to cut the tape and reflective material.

Velcro **optional** – to keep your pouch closed.