Clever Little Spider

Look closely at the following photo. At first glance it looks like nothing more than a bee on a flower. That’s what I thought when I snapped the shot. But, after getting home and looking at it on a larger screen I noticed something…


That bee is in some big trouble!!! This appears to be a Goldenrod Crab Spider (or Flower Spider) and it has caught this small bee by surprise.

A Pleasant Surprise

Back in May 2013 I uploaded a post called Mushrooms. It was a photo I had shot with my newly purchased Canon T3i in the backyard. It was one of those right place, right time kind of shots. The sun was just about to set and the light was hitting these mushrooms perfectly. I immediately loved the photo. Now, you may or may not know, but I am a great fan of open source software and operating systems… Continue reading

What Are You Looking At?


Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans! Instead of posting cook-out or firework photos I give you a caterpillar. Why? Because today is about freedom and independence… I am free to post what I please… plus, I don’t have any cook-out or firework photos and I saw this little guy while on a hike this morning. So, enjoy! Time for burgers, hot dogs and a couple cold beers.

At the End of the Rainbow

At the End of the Rainbow


When I got home from work today to begin my weekend, I took off my work boots and tossed them aside. When I looked down at them I saw the prism effect of sunset reflecting off the mirror in the hall. If I would have known the weekend was at the end of the rainbow I would have tried to find it sooner!

Supermoon 6.23.13

Taken with Canon T31 and Rokinon 500mm Mirror lens using 2x doubler (1000mm total)

Taken with Canon T31 and Rokinon 500mm Mirror lens using 2x doubler (1000mm total)

Well, even though I had an extra day off this week, it was still a long work week and I didn’t get much time for taking pictures. I did, however, get out for the Supermoon earlier this week. I took this with my Canon T3i using my Rokinon 500mm lens with the 2x doubler attachment boosting it up to 1000mm. It was a little hazy here that night so this isn’t as clear as I would have liked.

I also tried something a little different by using a technique called “stacking”. Stacking, if you are unfamiliar, requires taking many photos of the subject and then, through several different programs stacking the photos to increase sharpness and detail. I followed the procedure I found at this blog

Day Off at Tobyhanna State Park

Boats at the Lake

Shot with Canon T3i and a Bower 8mm Fisheye Lens


So, this week I only got one day off, so I headed out to Tobyhanna State Park for a little while. I wanted to give my new Bower 8mm Fisheye lens a test… the above shot was taken with it. Weather-wise it was pretty dismal… windy, cool and rain storms rolling around. I was able to get a few shots and here Continue reading

The Lesser of Two Weevils

Captured with a Canon T3i and a Canon EF 40mm lens with +10 and +4 macro filters.

Captured with a Canon T3i and a Canon EF 40mm lens with +10 and +4 macro filters.


OK, I know it’s a horrible pun… but seriously, how often can you use a line like that? Anyway, I was out in the backyard today and found what appear to be Boll Weevils in the trees. This is surprising because Boll Weevils are usually found around cotton and that’s not something you find growing in north east Pennsylvania. It is also possible that these were Rose Weevils, but as the name suggests they are usually red in color. Regardless, Weevils are fairly destructive and although they are cool to see, I wouldn’t be too upset to see them leave (no pun intended).

The Fight for Life

Fight for Life


While preparing to play around with a new toy, an infrared filter, I noticed this fight for life taking place right in front of me. Even though, the combatants are tiny, the stakes are just as high as they would be anywhere in the wild. When I come across situations like these tend to let things play out naturally… in this case, the earthworm didn’t stand a chance and was fighting a multi-front war.


Yesterday I posted about the Rokinon 500mm mirror lens I got, one of the accessories it came with is a 2x doubler or magnifier which boosts the lens to 1000mm. My initial tests of the lens were done in my backyard and 1000mm was a bit much… basically, nothing was far enough away. So, I went out to Dunmore Reservoir #1 and gave it a test. Here are a few of the shots I took of a family of geese.


It’s now been a month since I got my Canon T3i and I’ve been having a blast learning all the in’s and out’s of it… the more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know! I have been trying to build a collection of lenses to cover a large focal range. The camera came with a 18mm-55mm kit lens, I then bought a Canon 55mm-250mm, then a Canon 40mm pancake lens. Those lenses, plus a set of macro filters give me a pretty good range to work with, but then a couple days ago I came across a deal I just couldn’t pass up. A 500mm Mirror lens made by a company called Rokinon.

The Rokinon 500mm mirror lens with 2x doubler attached to my Canon T3i

The Rokinon 500mm mirror lens with 2x doubler attached to my Canon T3i

I found it online, for $135 and it came with the lens, a 2x doubler (teleconverter pushing it to 1000mm), leather pouch, a set of 3 rear mount filters and a T-Ring adapter. One of the things I liked about this lens, other than the price, was its short length. Without the doubler it’s only about 4″ and is very light. Since I’ll be using it mostly for Continue reading