The Tunkhannock Viaduct

It’s been rainy and cloudy here just south of Daytona Beach for the past few days, and we narrowly avoided getting hit by Tropical Storm Beryl. This made me think of another rainy and cloudy place… my home state of Pennsylvania. Going through some of my photos from back home, I came across this photo of the Tunkhannock Viaduct, sometimes know as the Nicholson Bridge. It’s funny, as you drive north on US 11 towards Nicholson this huge structure is almost invisible until you are right next to it, here’s the sign that describes the viaduct:

Sometimes…. You Just Never Know!

Photo of a photo: Original photographer unknown (at least by me). This photo of a rocket launching behind the Canaveral Light House is displayed in the museum at the Ponce Inlet Light House.

When I was trying to figure out what today’s post should be about, I figured I’d make it a lead in to what I hope to have tomorrow. Early tomorrow morning, at 3:44 am EDT the first privately built spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station will attempt to launch. I was going to use the above photo of a photo I took 4 years ago as a clever lead in. A rocket launching behind the now defunct Canaveral Light House…. or so I thought.

This is a photo I took, with an old camera phone, of a photo that hangs in the museum at the Ponce Inlet Light House. From what I remember, under the photo was a brief story of the light house and how it fell into disrepair. I decided in order to have as accurate information as I could I would do a little research before posting. I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that, at the time I took this photo of a photo, a restoration project was already under way! This light house, and it’s grounds are being restored… much like the Ponce Inlet Light House was. This will make 3 restored light houses with in driving distance of my home, including the St. Augustine Light House.

I still intend, to have something regarding the SpaceX Dragon launch for tomorrow, but now I need to find out if and/or how I can go explore the Canaveral Light House… more info regarding it here 

Lighthouse Crazy

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So I had the idea to take a bike ride down to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse to try and get some nice sunset photos. I wound up taking nearly 200 pictures in the roughly 2 hours I spent peddling around looking for different vantage points. This has to be  one of my favorites. This 8 second exposure captured the lighthouse drenched in its ground mounted flood lights with its lantern room glowing on top against a background of stars and planets. To the left of the lantern you can see Venus shining brightly, almost directly below, just above the horizon Saturn is setting. This was taken, surprisingly, with my Kodak M532.