January 1949

January 1949

My line of work (cable TV installer) allows me to be in a lot of different houses… and you never know what you’ll come across. Sometimes, it’s stuff you don’t want to find and sometimes, like today, I stumble upon things like this. I have no doubt this calendar has been hanging in this basement since 1949. It’s things like this that make emphasize how much things have changed over the years. Two point of interest on this calendar are the phrase “Air & Steamship Tickets” and… check out that phone number, it’s only 3 numbers!!!


Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Back Yard Time Lapse

Since I got my Canon T3i I haven’t really been using my camera phone. While sitting out in the back yard the other day I was watching the clouds go by on the horizon and thought… that might look cool in time lapse. So, I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, fired up the LapseIt Pro app and did a little time lapse photography… enjoy.

Waiting for the Storm

It’s summertime in Florida and Hurricane Season is just starting to ramp up! We’ve already had one Tropical Storm come through a few weeks ago, but there are currently several weather systems brewing out in the Atlantic Ocean. This picture, from last night (Aug. 9, 2012) shows what they call a Tropical Wave, I’ve never heard the term before now. It is capable of kicking up large, lightening and wind packed storms in a hurry.

Photo taken with my LG Esteem Android phone.


Phone Close Ups

Here are some more close up photos taken with my phone, some were taken at Lake Woodruff NWR yesterday, the rest were taken today out in the yard.

Lake Woodruff Perspectives

Today turned out to be what I guess you would call a “Happy Accident”. I had the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places… Lake Woodruff NWR, made sure I had water, binoculars and of course my camera… actually two of them… my Kodak M532 and my old Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S50. I even made sure I cleared off my SD card for my Kodak… but what I didn’t do was take SD card out of my computer and put it in the camera!

So, my Kodak was good for about 8 photos at 3MP with internal memory. My Sony is OK, but not great for distance shots… but I had my phone, LG Esteem MS910, with me. So I decided to play around with it’s manual focus and try some semi-macro type shots… here are a few, I’ll put more in another post.

Some white flowers along the path in the Jones island section.

Looking along a fallen tree on the trail

A mushroom of some sort along a hidden trail.

A beetle exploring the flower of a thistle

Never Thought I’d See This


Yeah, you do see a cow taking shelter inside a burned out VW Bug. This photo was taken on one of my trips to Ireland back when I was a kid. I don’t remember exactly where we were, but I’ll never forget it. I took the picture with an old 110 film camera, edits were done with Streamzoo.

I really hope this post turns out ok…. this is the first time posting with the WordPress Android app from my little tablet.

The Reason Not to Feed the Birds

I live directly across the street from the beach, just south of Daytona Beach, Fl. A little over a mile north of me is a small convenience store that I like to walk to every now and then if I need to pick up something small. I use the beach as my sidewalk. Every so often, when the weather is just right… cool enough that most people don’t want to be on the beach, and a steady strong wind is blowing from the north, seagulls have a hard time fishing.

At every beach access there are signs that warn not to interfere with beach wildlife. This includes feeding the seagulls. Seagulls are master fishers and really don’t need our help in finding a meal, but they are smart enough to know that if they act a certain  way… those big funny looking primates will feed them. Which I suppose is great if you don’t live near them, and get to leave after you get done feeding them processed white bread. But, for those of us that live here…. it sucks, and here’s why.

If you are on the beach, and carrying anything that might look like food, and the weather conditions are just right. The seagulls will follow you, dive bomb you and screech in your ear because now they think everyone should feed them. On the day I took these pictures, I walked up to that convenience store to pick up a couple bottles of sports drink, on my way home the wind was at my back which allowed the seagulls to basically just hover around me, actually flying backwards with me.

True it made for some cool close up photos of gulls in flight, but trust me… walking a mile encapsulated in a cloud of hungry, squawking seagulls isn’t as much fun as you would expect. Please…. don’t feed the seagulls!

All photos taken with an LG Optimus M (Cell phone)


Orange Sunrise

Click to enlarge

Living right by the beach gives me the opportunity to see many blazing sunrises. What always amazes me though, is how differently the camera can see the exact same thing my eyes do… yet, regardless of how I actually saw this sunrise, I’ll always remember as it is in this photo.