Feeding Your Inner Devil? (FULL ALBUM - 2002)

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Feeding Your Inner Devil? was my 5th collection of songs I recorded solo. I finished it in 2002 after a very tough year in my life. I had a lot of anger to get out and a lot of loss to deal with. I worked more on learning layering and keeping each part I played simpler. This album contains adult language.

This is a Digital Download containing a .zip file with all 11 tracks inside. No physical copy is available.


  1. Street Lights Flicker
  2. Side Door
  3. December
  4. When I'm Able
  5. Slate
  6. Gypsy
  7. Not Country
  8. I'm Not Ready
  9. Things So Deep
  10. Tentwoohtwo
  11. One Last TIme