Welcome to Zitzelman.com… I hope you enjoy my outdoors content! I have moved things around quite a bit recently. So, let me help you find your way around.


As you can tell, the blogs are no longer living on the front page here. They are easy to find though at zitzelman.com/blogs


Stop by my YouTube channel, watch some hiking, kayaking or camping videos… subscribe and enjoy!  youtube.com/KurtZitzelman 

You might also like the new weekly Live Stream – Out’ Cast live every Thursday at 7pm(EST) stop by and join the live chat as I talk about outdoor gear and experiences, have Q&A’s and inevitably go off on a tangent youtube.com/KurtZitzelman/live


Don’t have time to sit an watch the Out’ Cast Live Stream? That’s OK, I rip it down to audio only and upload it to my Podcast over at primitiveintelligence.com

More on the Way

This is just the beginning of the new site! I’ve got a lot more on the way. Thanks for stopping by and check back often!