Kurt Shirts

If you would like to support Kurt Zitzelman Outdoors AND would like to get some swag while you’re at it… check out the KZO shirts available on Amazon! Go big with my Big Ol’ Dumb Face logo or go with something a little more subtle.


Go Outside and Do Something!

Get my Big Ol’ Dumb Face Logo on your back… this is for the true, die hard KZO fan! You’d have to be in order to be seen in this thing! Only $19.99 and processed by Amazon!




Inspired by the sunrise on a recent trip to the Catskill Mountains during which I saw absolutely no one else on the trail for 3 days.  The new Solitude shirt has a lot less of the Big Ol’ Dumb Face logo and more… well… solitude! Only $19.99 and processed by Amazon!