Standing Stone Trail - Butler Knob to Throne Room

Standing Stone Trail - Butler Knob to Throne Room

Very cool day hike from Butler Knob to the Throne Room and back, it's about 3.7 miles out and back.

The Basics

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  • Notes 
    • This is a short hike from Butler Knob to Throne Room. 95% of the elevation gain is done in the car. The hike itself is along a fairly level, well marked section of trail with the only real hiking elevation change coming right before Throne Room, which is a 0.2 mile spur trail off of the Standing Stone Trail. The road up the mountain from White Rd is extremely rugged with numerous drainage channels dug across the road, protruding rocks and no shoulder. While the ride up can be done in a car, a 4WD/AWD vehicle is recommended.

Points of Interest

Aside from the natural beauty of the area this relatively short hike packs in quite a few points of interest.

  • Jacks Fire Tower (closed to pubic)
  • Old Towerman's home
  • Butler Knob Overlook
  • The Hall of the Mountain King (Boulder Field)
  • The King's Chamber (Boulder Field)
  • The Throne Room (Boulder Field)
  • Various stone formations along the trail. 

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