Southwest Adventure Series

Southwest Adventure Series

What an adventure I had out in Arizona! I was lucky enough to spend 1 month in and around Grand Canyon National Park. I documented the trip the best I could, in total it will be 17 videos grouped together as the Southwest Adventure Series. If you want to follow along as the videos are released or check them out after the fact if you are reading this much later, you can find the videos on my YouTube channel individually or as a Playlist here.

The trip took me on an over 4700 mile train trip through 11 states and back. I visited 1 new National Park (passed through another on the train), 1 new National Monument (Walnut Canyon National Monument), 2 new National Forests, section hiked a new long distance trail, hiked over 200 miles and saw more new things than I have in a very long time!

I hope you enjoy the videos and photos as much I enjoyed capturing them.

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