Moosic Mountain - Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve

Moosic Mountain - Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve

This preserve goes by a few names, officially it is known as The Nature Conservancy's Dick and Nancy Eales Preserve at Moosic Mountain. It usually goes by Eales Preserve or simply Moosic Mountain. The best description of it's landscape comes right from the official website:

Contrary to its name, the Moosic Mountain “barrens” comprise a healthy mosaic of stunted pine and oak forest dominated by huckleberry, blueberry, rhodora and other low-lying shrubs that attract a broad array of birds, butterflies and moths—including the globally rare sallow moth and barrens buckmoth. -

This preserve is approximately 2,250 acres in size and is home to 11 named trails and a few unnamed trails. It also connects into State Game Lands #300. Hiking, hunting (in cooperation with Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations), birding and biking are allowed.

The Basics:

The Trip

I've done several trips here, well more than several. Not all of my adventures here have been recorded. One of my favorite hikes here is what I call the Outer Loop where I connect Bruised Ego Trail, Genes Trail, High Voltage Trail, The Waterfall Loop Trail and the Blueberry Trail to create a nearly 10 mile loop. This hike takes you from the main parking lot to the very bottom of the mountain eventually taking you all the way up to the top along the Blueberry Tail before dropping you back down to the parking lot. This loop takes you through several varying ecosystems from rock balds and blueberry fields to hardwood forests and everything in between. With over 2,000 feet of total elevation changes this hike is a nice workout, or training hike for something bigger. 

The Verdict

Even with it's proximity to civilization, Moosic Mountain offers some of the most peaceful hiking in the area. If you live withing driving distance and you haven't yet visited here yet.... you're missing out! 

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