Site Update and New Logo

Site Update and New Logo

It's taken a while but I think I found a layout for the website that I like! Hopefully it's easier to navigate and a bit less confusing. I've renamed a couple sections and tweaked the navigation a bit.

Now the big change!

Over the past 4+ years I've been using variations of the same logo... what I call the Big Dumb Face logo. It started out as a very roughly "cartoonish" representation of a photo I had taken while on a hike to one of New York State's fire towers. Every so often I would make minor updates, adjusting the colors and quality. At one point I went ahead and rounded off all the edges, making it look kind of "south park-y", again I adjusted colors every so often.

The new logo is based on the same photo as the original, but with a lot more detail... I'm not that artistic, so I used an app on my phone to do most of the editing before doing the final edits on my computer.

 Original Big Dumb Face Logo 2021 Big Dumb Face logo

Here is a side-by-side of the original logo and the new 2021 version. 

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